Academy news

COVID-19 and Online Classes!

We have moved all our programs at LWSD, ISD and BSD to online platform that provides enhances security and collaborative environment. 

Flexible schedule to choose from 

Your online language class is no more limited to your school or school district. As our curriculum is uniform with all district and follow same standar classes are now based on level of proficiency and age. 

Adult online classes  We are proud to announce that we launched our adult classes Fall 2020. You can improve your language skills at comfort of your home and immerse yourself in the language while enjoying the topics such as daily news, travel tips and culture and even cooking show in target language. Please fill out the interest card so we can   

Career Opportunities (Part-Time)                    

If you have passion for Immersion Language teaching and have some experience that would like to give back to community, we would like to hear from you! Just contact us via email with your CV attached!