About The Academy


Paris Academy Northwest(PANW) was founded in 2008. PANW specializes mainly in offering second language classes to students K-12. It is aimed to facilitate and promote world language acquisition for students who wish to have a head start in learning a second language before high school and college. It has gained its reputation through high academic quality and fun activities to ease acquiring languages for children, youth and adults. Currently the program is running as an after/before school extended program and offers weekend year round French, Persian(Farsi) and Spanish.

We also offer tutoring, small group and weekend classes at our Redmond location. 


About the Owner/Founder


Madame Parisa Behzad-Pour is the founder, lead instructor and curriculum developer of PANW. She is a passionate language instructor and devoted teacher whose goal is to make second language classes not only accessible but also effective and fun. She has a strong background in second language acquisition and has been a language instructor, curriculum developer for 15+ years. Her specialty is in French as a Foreign Language (FFL), French Second Language (FSL), French Immersion and French Core, mainly in North America, as well as earned her Master degree in French Studies from York University (Toronto/Canada).  In 2012, Bellevue College awarded Madame Parisa with prestigious certificate of Appreciation for Teaching and Community Engagement and contribution to the success of college academic year 2012-2013.


About Curriculum


The curriculum is carefully designed to introduce children with new vocabulary and their correct pronunciation. Every single song has a purpose and is cemented into the curriculum.  All vocabularies are included in the songs. A class by class progressive system is utilized to introduce new materials while constantly reviewing what has been learned in previous classes.  Different themes such as part of the body, foods, animals, school/home objects, clothing, and a lot more are introduced one after another. A multitude of action-based games and activities are integrated with our books and memory cards to reinforce what your child has already been taught. At this entry level we enforce correct pronunciation and vocabulary expansion through creative review and repetition. Therefore, your child's acquisition of the target language will expand dramatically.
Middle school also benefit from TPR activities in some extend. Grammar, basic conversation, and phonic lessons are included in the curriculum to make them ready for reading and comprehending in Target language. They would be encouraged to converse, make simple phrases and questions.


Academy news

COVID-19 and Online Classes!

We have moved all our ongoing programs at LWSD, ISD and BSD to online platform using Cisco WebEx connectivity that provides enhances security and collaborative environment.

Returning to same schools and more schools added

Almost all last year schools want our programs back. We are proud to announce 3 more schools added this year and enrollment for them will be published early to mid-September on our before/after school page

Scholarship and Volunteering             We offer scholarships  for needy families ( limitations apply) and once our program is confirmed to be available at your neighborhood school, you could inquire about this via PTSA or our registration contacts. Also we do have volunteering opportunities in some schools that you can inquire about!  

Career Opportunities (Part-Time)                       If you have passion and skills/Experience for Immersion Language/ART teaching and would like to give back to community, we would like to hear about you! Just contact us via email with your CV attached! 

Call Us: 1-425-605-8551   /   info@parisacademynw.com   /  3326 E LK Sammamish PKWY NE, SAMMAMISH WA 98074

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